Erato: Flash Fiction (paperback)

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"Erato is the book you give someone if you want to prove that erotica has artistic merit." - Adriana Ravenlust, Of Sex at Love

In Erato, fifty talented writers bring you short, short stories with a diversity of characters and settings, all of them breathtakingly seductive and memorable--including 2 pieces recognized by the 2021 Inaugural Good Sex Awards. Expand your erotic imagination and discover the pleasure different bodies, relationships, and play with language can bring us. From the prehistoric past to newly discovered planets in the far future, characters who are cis, trans, and nonbinary explore their desires, whether gay, straight, lesbian, bi and pan, or ace!

The sexy stories included here feature kinky, creative, and body-positive celebrations of sensuality. Slow seductions and urgent lust are both on offer, with hours of reading pleasure for you to savor one luxurious bite at a time. With flash fiction from experienced storytellers and hot new talent, there's no need to "skip to the good parts" in this collection: every moment will caress the senses and linger in the mind. Escape into their brief but powerful spell for ten minutes before bed, or over your morning cup of coffee, during your bus ride, or as a sweet treat during a break! Share with your partner(s) by reading these lyrical pieces aloud, or indulge on your own.

"What an incredible, eye-opening journey this was for me as a reader; Erotica about people of all expressions, as well as orcs, goblins, mutants and (my favourite) an android!" - Review by LuzDLuna on Twitter

"I found a few gems in there, stories that were very hot but also made me laugh and/or have Emotions TM, and that I'll definitely reread. In any case, even for the stories I didn't like, a very refreshing and delightful diversity of characters, genres, genders, tropes, sexualities, settings, kinks, tones - definitely recommend if you're looking for Something Else in terms of erotica!" - Review by scriblitula on Goodreads

"If the rest of their stuff is as good as Erato, you should seriously check them out... Cishet protagonists are in the minority, which is refreshing, and the mix of contemporary, speculative, historical and just thoroughly strange themes included here are likely to give any reader stuff to think about, stuff to linger over and, of course, stuff to inspire a spot of self-care and/or erotic interaction with available and willing playmates." - Review by Zak Jane Keir of Dirty Sexy Words

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  • Paperback book

  • Paperback book
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Erato: Flash Fiction (paperback)

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